Magritte – Folon : The poetic factory.

Imagine a dialogue between the fascinating world of René Magritte and the poetic creations of Jean-Michel Folon…
Although the two artists have never met, there is a real connection between their worlds. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Surrealism, the Magritte Museum honors these two talented Belgian artists with an original exhibition.


At the age of 20, Jean-Michel Folon discovered “Le Domaine enchanté”, a series of murals painted by Magritte for the Knokke casino. It was a revelation: “I thought, ‘You can really do anything in painting. Even invent mysteries. That was my encounter with art.”


The archives held by the Fondation Folon reveal Folon’s admiration for Magritte. This fascination with the surrealist painter’s work began in the 1970s. Folon’s personal book collection was filled with publications on René Magritte. From then on, his interest in Magritte’s art was reflected in his writings.

Following René Magritte’s path of mystery in painting, Folon truly explores the paths of poetry. While Magritte evokes the mystery that stems from everyday life, Folon opts for a staging and stylization all his own. In place of Magritte’s famous bird, Folon substitutes a more pared-down bird, drawn with a single stroke; in place of the house precisely depicted in Magritte’s work, Folon opts for a rectangular parallelepiped.


The Magritte – Folon exhibition draws a real parallel between these two artists, analyzing what links them, and also the specificities of their languages.
A surreal encounter.


A Magritte Museum exhibition in partnership with the Folon Foundation.
Where ? Magritte Museum – Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Place Royale 1 – 1000 Brussels.
When ? From February 21 to July 21, 2024.
Tickets on sale here :Fine Arts Museum