This is not a bar…

To mark the 125th birthday of Belgium’s master of surrealism, Hotel Amigo, a luxury jewel in the heart of Brussels, opens its doors to an unprecedented artistic and gastronomic experience with the inauguration of the Bar Magritte. Just a stone’s throw from the Grand-Place, this emblematic establishment is transformed into a place where art and refinement meet, offering visitors an immersive experience in the world of the famous René Magritte.


The Bar Magritte is not simply a tasting room, but a space imbued with René Magritte’s own aesthetic. Walls adorned with faithful reproductions of the artist’s iconic works create a surreal atmosphere, inviting visitors to plunge into a mysterious and captivating world. Elegant furnishings, subtle lighting and artistic details enhance the experience, making every moment spent at Bar Magritte a true artistic immersion.

Beyond the artistic atmosphere, Bar Magritte offers a menu of food and drinks inspired by the work of the surrealist master. In a true tribute to Magritte, world-renowned master mixologist Salvatore Calabrese has devised a menu of 20 unique cocktails. Cocktails with evocative names such as “Shéhérazade” and “Le Retour” are creatively conceived, combining exquisite flavors and artistic presentations, and inviting guests to explore art through their taste buds.


Bar Magritte promises to be much more than just a meeting place, but rather an ode to the artist, in the city where he experienced his most prolific creative periods.


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